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How I Got My First Shorthair

When I was hired as an obedience trainer last summer, I knew I could finally get a more active dog. Our only dog at the time, an approximately 4-year-old pit bull named Pinky, was just recovering from TPLO surgery and couldn't do much. She had always been quite a couch potato (hence the torn CCL), so I was excited for the opportunity to have a farm dog that could keep up with our active daily life, as well as enjoying hiking, swimming, playing, training, etc. I didn't have a particular breed in mind, but knew I wanted something high energy, high drive, and short-haired! This didn't leave me with a whole lot of options, but a German Shorthaired Pointer fit the bill. Family friends had owned them going up and I had always admired their looks and character, but I hadn't been around enough to know if it was the right fit for me. Once I started looking into the breed (and of course, looking at puppies), there was no turning back!

I researched as much as a I could and met with a few local breeders. I knew I wanted a working line dog that was high drive and active, so that helped me narrow my decision. When I found Sundance GSPs, I immediately emailed the owner and was thrilled to find he had a current litter and one female left. The puppies had an impressive pedigree, both of the parents had lovely temperaments and I knew she would have the qualities I was looking for. I saw Blitz for the first time at 3-weeks-old and I knew she was the one! At the time I had little idea what I was getting into, but cannot believe how much that little puppy has changed my life.

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