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For Clients

For all of my clients, I recommend they have 3 products: a reputable brand ecollar, a quality prong collar and a place cot! These 3 products will set you up for success at home once your dog has been trained.

The Ecollar technologies Mini Educator (ET-300) is my ecollar of choice for obedience and daily use. For my clients, I have these collars available for purchase at a discounted price. At your dog's turnover, we will go over this ecollar extensively. You may use other ecollars, but I recommend a reputable brand that works consistently and that has a vibrate feature. For hunting dogs, I use the Garmin 550 Pro PLUS for GPS tracking. This collar isn't ideal for daily training, but the GPS feature is useful for hunting. 

I recommend the Herm Sprenger brand of prong collar in the 2.25mm size.

There are a variety of place cots out there, but my go-to is the K & H pet product cots. While your dog is in training with me, you will see me use these regularly. I use both the Medium and Large size (extra large is definitely too big). Either medium or large size is fine for any dog. Other place cots are available in similar sizes, feel free to choose any one. 

Collars and Leashes

Collars and leashes are personal preference, but here are my favorites. 
I prefer low-profile leashes that are easier to handle. I opt for 4' long and 3/8" width. 


My first recommendation for dog food is always going to be a fresh, whole foods raw diet. If raw is not in the cards for you, there are a few brands of kibble I would recommend: Nature's Logic, Victor and Sport Dog Food. 

Training Treats

I love using food rewards for my dogs. When working with dogs that are fed kibble, I often use their normal portion of their kibble meal as training food to maintain a healthy weight. For raw fed dogs or for a high value reward, I recommended using dehydrated raw for training treats. Brands I like are Ziwi Peak, Open Farm and Sojo's.

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