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Reflections on 2018 & 2019 Goals

2018 was a really fantastic year for us. We tried a lot of new things, did a lot of hiking, filled the year with as many bird-related activities we could, and spent a lot of time together. Some of my favorite memories from the year were:

  • Blitz swimming for the first time

  • Celebrating her 1st birthday

  • Spending countless hours hiking and swimming with our best friends

  • Dock diving for the first time

  • All of the days spent working birds

  • Testing in NA for the first time

  • Earning a Prize 1 for NA

  • Lure coursing for the first time

  • Finding and pointing our first wild bird

  • Hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains

It really was such a fantastic year, completely exceeding our expectations. I am looking forward to a lot of really great things in 2019, too! Some things I would love to accomplish are:

  • Working on steadiness on birds

  • Hunting more wild birds

  • Improving my shooting skills so many I can actually bring something home

  • Getting her last two scores for her Dock Senior title

  • Trying a Coursing Ability Test

  • Start canicross and eventually bikjoring

I know 2019 has a lot of exciting things in store for us, I can't wait! What are some of your 2019 plans?

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