At Shorthairs & Shotguns LLC, we strive to bridge the gap between obedient family pet and hard working, hunting dog. We use balanced training principles to bring out the best in every dog. We cater to each dog as an individual in order to develop his or her natural ability to the fullest in order to produce a confident, cooperative, stylish hunting companion. Our goal is for every client to experience the freedom of having a dog who is content in their home and competent in the field! 
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Field and Family™ Program

Emily understands the value of a dog that is just as great in the home as they are in the field. In this 4 - 8 week program for dogs 6+ months old, your dog will join Emily's family in her home for daily basic obedience, as well as regular field training sessions with Lost Highway Kennels. This program is designed to give you the bird dog and companion of your dreams! This program is opening to both pointing and flushing/retrieving breeds! 

In this program we will be covering basic obedience that includes a reliable recall, place work and heeling at home and in local environments, such as parks and neighborhoods. You can expect your dog to learn appropriate manners from calmly staying put during dinner to recalling in open spaces.

Field training sessions at include bird/gun introduction, field manners, and developing a natural retrieve. 


Basic Obedience Program

This 3 week program for dogs 6+ months old is designed to give you the freedom and enjoyment that comes from a well-trained dog! Using rules, boundaries and structure, we will give you the tools to give your dog the appropriate mental and physical exercise that it needs to be a calm, stable, cooperative part of your family! 

This program includes a reliable recall, sit, down, place, duration work (staying in a command for a duration with distractions such as people and dogs) and heel. We will be proofing obedience at home and in a variety of other locations so that you feel confident in handling your dog outside of the home, as well. You can expect a calm, manageable dog in your home and pleasant heel walks with no more pulling!

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Early Bird Program

Let's start your pup on point! The Early Bird Program is for puppies of all breeds ages 8 to 16 weeks old. This program is designed to set your puppy up for success, no matter what your goals are! 


During their stay in Emily's home, your puppy will be introduced to crate and potty training. Each day will be a new, fun activity to give your pup the best opportunity for proper puppy socialization. This includes different environments, people, dogs, and experiences (such as grooming, swimming, riding in the car, and more).  Each puppy will have a custom experience according to their development and owner's goals. Future companions will have foundational obedience priming or future bird dogs may be introduced to their first game birds! 

This program is only available to clients who sign up for formal training, too.

Puppy Lesson Package

The Puppy Lesson Package is for local clients with puppies 5 months old and younger. If you're not ready to let your puppy go for in-home training, this program will cover a variety of the topics covered in the Early Bird Program. This reward- based package includes 2 - 1 hour lessons where we will introduce clicker training to start shaping the foundation of adult behaviors (recall, sit, place, down, leash manners, etc.)! This is an excellent opportunity to build a strong relationship with your puppy and set them up for success in life. 

During the sessions, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have, from crate and potty training to what products Emily recommends and everything in-between. 

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What To Expect  

During the adult or puppy programs, you can expect: 

  • Your pet will be staying in Emily's home and receiving daily love, attention and structure 

  • Photos and videos will be sent regularly to keep you informed on what your pet is learning and how you can apply it when they come home

  • In-home obedience and regular updates will make the transition back to your home as smooth as possible 

  • At the end of each program, we will spend time going over what your pet has learned, teach you how to continue working with them and answer all questions you may have 

  • Unlimited phone support and the ability to schedule follow-up sessions will keep you and your dog on track throughout it's life

  • Click here for Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Services

Phone Consultations 

In this 60-minute phone session, you will have to the opportunity to ask general dog-related questions! Wondering how to pick the right breeder or what steps to take with your puppy when it comes home? Let's clear up some of those questions! *This is not for virtual training* 


Going away? We'd love to have your dog back with us! Boarding is offered to previous clients for a peace-of-mind vacation. Your dog will stay with Emily in her home, just like they did for training! This allows dogs to easily adjust to a familiar environment and routine for a low-stress boarding experience. Boarding is available on a limited, first-come basis. 


PROGRAM FULL - Not currently accepting new clients for the Field and Family Program


"We boarded our GSP, Dipa with Emily for her Field & Family program. During her 2 month program Emily completely transformed our dog! Dipa received formal obedience training in Emily's home and a ton of field work. By the end of her time there she was pointing and flushing birds. She went from a very anxious and overly wound dog to a cool, calm lady! We did a lot of research on a trainer that would give us what we were looking for and work well with our pup! We traveled 10 hours to bring our dog to Emily, and it was worth it! We loved the phone calls and videos to update us on Dipas progress. The videos allowed us to prepare for Dipa coming home and already have the fundamentals to continue with her training. The communication we received from Emily allowed us to see our baby and know she was doing well and making progress. That was a nice perk to have with her being so far away. Shorthairs & Shotguns is hands down one of the best around and we would recommend Emily over and over again. "

—  Jeff + Niki

Our program graduates are part of the family and we love to show them off! Click here to see all graduates. 





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