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*This program is currently being developed. Feel free to reach out for more information!*
Puppies are hard work! They require constant attention, structure, socialization, training and play. If you're interested in having a new puppy in your life, but don't quite have the appropriate amount of time to dedicate to raising one, Emily would love to help! 

Raise and Train Program 

The Raise and Train Program is a fully customizable program to help give your puppy the absolute best start. In this program, your puppy will live with Emily from the time they come home from the breeder to the time they are potty trained, crate trained, have proper socialization, and obedience training. This is a 3 to 5 month long program that covers all the basics, giving you the ability to choose a puppy and their foundation in order to receive the perfect started dog! 

This program is open to any reputably-bred puppy, but all breeders and puppies must be pre-approved for this program. Puppies should be 8-16 weeks old to start and have initial vaccines and a clean bill of health. 

Please reach out at least 2-3 months in advance for scheduling. 

The following are options show a general outline and expectations based on length of time in training:

Head Start Program - Option 1 

Month Program

This Raise and Train Program includes: 

  • Initial consultation to discuss lifestyle and goals

  • Match Making - assistance in finding a quality, reputable breeder that supports your lifestyle and goals 

  • Assistance with the puppy picking process 

  • Introduction to Crate Training

  • Introduction to Potty Training

  • Socialization (with people, places, things, animals, noises, etc.) 

  • Introduction to Clicker Training

  • Introduction to Commands (recall, place, sit, down)

  • Introduction to Walking on a Leash  

This program is designed to help your through the toughest parts of puppy-hood! Crate training and potty training can be difficult, but are crucial for life-long enjoyment of your puppy. Proper socialization is absolutely critical for a well-adjusted, confident, bold puppy. While this program doesn't include formal obedience (no ecollar introduction or off-leash ability), this program will build the foundation to help set your puppy up for success for formal training when they're older. Everything on this checklist will be covered as part of the Head Start Raise and Train Program: 


Junior Started Dog Program - Option 2

4 Month Program

This Raise and Train Program includes: 

  • Everything included in the Head Start Program 

  • Formal Obedience

    • Ecollar Introduction​

    • Off-leash reliable recall

    • Place work

    • Heel work

    • Stable sit/down

  • Introduction to Sport of Choice (optional)

    • Bird/gun introduction ​

    • Developing the natural retrieve

    • Dock diving

    • Obedience

    • Stacking for conformation ring 

    • Please reach out for interest in other sport foundations

This program includes puppy raising, plus the adult formal obedience that's included in either my Companion Obedience Program or Field and Family Program. This program would be best suited for someone who wants a truly obedient pet, sport dog or companion hunting dog. 

Senior Started Dog Program - Option 3

Month Program

This Raise and Train Program includes: 

  • Everything included in the Head Start + Junior Program

  • Advanced Obedience 

    • Off-leash heel​

    • Sit in motion

    • Distance down

    • Come to heel

  • Advanced work around distractions

    • Trips to parks, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. with formal obedience 

    • Duration behaviors (place/down) with high distractions

  • Continued sport development 

    • Such as NAVHDA NA prep,

    • Junior Hunter pointing dog/retriever prep

    • CGC Title 

This Program is designed to give you your ideal started dog! 



What To Expect  

During the Raise and Train Programs, you can expect: 

  • Your pet will be staying in Emily's home and receiving daily love, attention and structure 

  • Photos and videos will be sent weekly to keep you informed on what your pet is learning and how you can apply it when they come home

  • Visits can be scheduled regularly for you to interact with and train your pup to make the transition home as smooth as possible 

  • At the end of each program, we will spend time going over what your pet has learned, teach you how to continue working with them and answer all questions you may have 

  • Unlimited phone support and the ability to schedule follow-up sessions will keep you and your dog on track throughout it's life

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