In the market for a puppy? Check out this blog post for important information on how to choose a reputable breeder to ensure a puppy that is a the right fit for you!

Life with a GSP is a lifestyle! These high energy dogs take more work than your average pet. If you're thinking about adding a GSP to your family, read this first!

If you're new to owning a bird dog and want to get involved with hunt tests or hunting, this post will give you some resources for getting involved!

Choosing your first shotgun can be an overwhelming experience! It seems like everyone has their own opinion, but here are the basics on what you need to look for.


Trimming your dog's nails is so important for their short and long-term health. This post covers how to do it safely and effectively. Nail trimming doesn't have to be scary!

Confused about what yo feed your dog? Interested in feeding raw? Check out this article on Raw Food 101 to learn more about nutrition and feeding our dogs.

Fitness is critical for our canine athletes, but it's also an important component of every dog's life. Learn why obesity is so dangerous and how to keep your dog healthy.


Give your puppy a great start with these tips! From potty training to proper socialization, learn the ins and outs of puppy raising in this post.

Follow along with Maple as she ages! From an 8 week old puppy to a young adult, see what I do with my puppies at each stage of devlopment.

This is a similar series as Maple Media, but with Echo! Each puppy is an individual, so here is a different perspective on stages of development with Echo. 


When you decide to bring home a puppy, it's just as important to pick a breeder as it is a breed. Deciding which breed you want is simply not enough!

If you have a bird dog, be sure to read this article to find out exactly what you should and should never do with your bird dog!

The benefit in allowing young or unconfident dogs the ability to be wild and reckless to build boldness in and off the field!

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